About Me

Hi all. You can call me Nurul. I’ve just re-converted to  Vegequarianism on Thursday Feb.18th 2010. Sounds like a religion huh? Well, it’s not :). In order to celebrate that, I wrote myself a new blog. First time using wordpress, and I kid a’ like it. 🙂

I’m pretty normal I guess.  My hobbies are reading, blogwalking, playing Farmville on fb, watching movies, walking in the nature and cooking . I’m a very family-oriented person and I love my lovely boyfriend and friends a lot.

I totally hate shopping. Normally when I intend to do some shopping, I’ll come home with nothing or maybe a couple of things, top. Dunno y tho. I just don’t feel excited looking at clothes, shoes, bags and stuff like that. But books are different story. I adore books so much. I try to buy one book/magazine everytime I go out. Knowledge will live forever, but clothes will go out of season :).

I have a weakness for eyeliners, mascaras and colored contact lenses. I truly love Maybelline mascara and Avon eyeliner. Classic Vespa scooters and mini cars always catch my eyes. They’re so cute and retro! I wanna have both in the future. I luv. 🙂

Ok, see ya!


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