What I Wanna Buy This Week

Hi all.

After doing some blogwalking, I read some extremely interesting stuff. I-MUST-LOSE-WEIGHT. Well, 30kgs to be precise. Haha. I’m so fat, but I’m still ok with it at the moment. One of the goals that I set when I re-vegequarinizing myself is that I wanna eat healthier and lose some weight. I wanna wear M-L size, not XXL like now. 😦

This Sunday I wanna buy a week’s worth of food items from Giant/Tesco. The things that I plan to buy are:

  1. Vegetable : tomato, salad, carrot, mushroom, mixed veg, broccoli, rocket salad (if I can find it), eggplant.
  2. Bread : Fresh baked wholemeal buns, wholemeal bread.
  3. Spiral pasta.
  4. Salmon.
  5. Dairy products : cheese, fresh milk.
  6. Fruits : Banana, grapes (I wanna freeze the grapes to make lollies).
  7. Potato chips (sorry, can’t resist).
  8. Vegetable stock.
  9. Dark chocolate (85% cocoa) – I’m a sweet tooth.
  10. Diet coke.
  11. Potato.
  12. Herbs and spices : parsley, ground chili, ground garlic, ground black pepper.

I wanna make a small resolution this week : PREPARE AND BRING OWN FOOD TO WORK. No buying of food except snack peanuts and mineral water at work. Plese God help me. Ameen…

♥ Nurul~


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