Re-Vegequarianizing Myself

Hi all. How are u readers doin’ today?

Colorful, delicious and healthy.

Born in a meat lover family and culture, well, I kind of eat meat a bit too much. So, when I went to London last time, I met a few vegetarian and vegan friends and I think they’re pretty cool. Most of them converted to vegetarianism/veganism because of ethic, and some because of religious matter. I’m totally cool with it coz I’m a person that believes that people can do whatever as long as they’re not disturbing others mentally and physically.  Then I got a job working in a small charming hotel in Westen Highland (Scotland). Of course I don’t get to eat halal/kosher meat at all. I seriously think that I might be the only Muslim in 50miles radius. So I started to eat more pasta with vegetable and salmon/scallop/cod/bla bla bla. It was extremely hard at first. I thought I’m gonna die from not eating any meat. Then I started to be more creative, vary my meal to toasted vegetarian sandwich, soups and stuff like that. Then I noticed that I’ve lost some weight, I breathe easier and I don’t get that much headache anymore.

Living in a mountain area was a plus, though. Fresh air, fresh water, plenty of hillwalking and I was extremely happy. Then the hotel shut down (I was so sad) and I moved back to London. Not sure when I started eating meat again. Maybe bcoz the Pakistani fastfood restaurant was just across the road. Well, totally my fault, really. I should have been loyal to the thing that helps to make me feel healthier.Then I moved back to Malaysia, eat more meat and gained more weight.

A few days ago, suddenly I thought “I should try again. One babystep at a time. Vegequarian first”. And what do you know? It wasn’t hard at all. I’m resigning as a meat eater. More vegetable and occassional fish meal. I know that people gonna start saying “Babe, that is not pure”. But it’s ok. I’m doing this for me. Not for the animals and other people. Please keep ur hurtful comments. I’m seriously not gonna approve them anyway. So don’t waste ur time.

♥ Nurul~


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